St. Matthew's United Methodist Church
Friday, October 19, 2018
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Volunteer Opportunites

"Everyone can be great because everyone can serve. You don't have  to have a college degree to serve. You don't even have to make your subject and hour verb agree...You only need a heart full of grace....a soul generated by love".
Martin Luther King Jr
United Methodists have believed, from the beginning, that each of us is called to participate in the outreaching ministry of Jesus Christ. John Wesley described this work in simple, practical terms. "Do all the good you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can."
Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our of Christian calling. By volunteering to serve through programs such as United Methodist Volunteers in Mission of the Mission Volunteers program of The General Board of Global Ministries, every person in the church has the opportunity to serve and to live their calling more faithfully.
 COMMUNION PREPARATION                                        
 On the first Sunday of every month, communion is served at the worship service and we need someone to assist with preparing the communion elements.
WHAT resources & support  are available? Training from the Altar Committee
WHEN is the time commitment? 10:00 am- 10:30 am on the first Sunday of any month and purchasing of the supplies.
Any  SPECIAL SKILL  I may need? Ability to carry the communion element trays.
HOW do I sign up? Please contact Margaret Northey or Janet Gilroy,
Assist with printing, cutting, folding, or any other light work related to the weekly bulletin and general communication materials at the office.
WHAT resources & support are available? Instructions on each specific task from Esther Kemoli.                                                                               
WHEN the time commitment? 2 hours per week on Thursdays for the bulletin and only as help is needed for
the web site, and usually can be flexible based on volunteer's schedule.
Any SPECIAL SKILLS I may need? A bit of strength is required for the cutting machine but all other tasks just
require patience with doing repetitive tasks :)
HOW  do I sign up? Contact Esther Kemoli at 734-422-6038 or
WHY is this important? Throughout the year we print and cut many inserts and communications pieces to prepare
for the worship services and to keep our congregation informed of important times, dates, and information.
 SPECIAL EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER                                      
Take high resolution photographs and catalog them for our picture library used for our Facebook page and website.
WHAT resources and support are available? Basic photography training will be offered.
WHEN is the time commitment ? Varies based on the activity and your interest.
Any SPECIAL SKILLS I may need? A love for photography, the ability to handle a camera and get people to smile for the camera.
HOW do I sign up? Contact Esther Kemoli at  or stop by the office Monday to Thursday.
WHY is this important? Because a picture is worth a thousand words! Photos will help us share our vision and reach out to the community. 
Energetic college student to support the office with basic tasks like archiving, creating an inventory spreadsheet and annual general organizing/cleaning of the office mailroom.
WHAT resources and support are available? The Administrative Assistant will support the training.
WHEN is the time commitment?  5 hours per week for 3 months
Any SPECIAL SKILLS I may need? Basic sewing skills helpful. Enjoy decluttering and organizing.
HOW do I sign up? Contact Esther Kemoli at 734-422-6038 or, or visit the office Monday to Thursday.
WHY is this important? To help make the running of the office more efficient and to encourage young people to participate in the office activities. 
     MEMORIAL GARDEN                                                    
WHO will I be working with? A lovely and cheerful team.
WHAT resources & support are available?  Memorial committee members.
WHEN is the time commitment? Wednesdays in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Any SPECIAL SKILLS required? Just the ability to work with others in the interest of maintaining our beautiful garden.
HOW do I sign up? Contact Lee Weber or George Calder at
WHY is this important?  The Memorial Garden Is the sacred final resting place for the cremains of our loved ones. It must be maintained in an ongoing and caring manner so that it is sustained in the long term in reverent and respectful manner.